I’ve heard of messages on Christ being the good shepherd. I love playing those messages because sometimes to be honest, I can get worried about whether or not I am on the right path with certain decisions . I know you can relate to that because probably in your case, it may be wondering if... Continue Reading →

Love starts with “L”: Letting go of self.

Image from Pinterest In having my quiet time, I came across the parable of the rich man & Lazarus. Let’s read this Bible verse together - Luke‬ ‭16:19-24‬ ‭AMP‬‬ “Now there was a certain rich man who was habitually dressed in expensive purple and fine linen, and celebrated and lived joyously in splendor every day.... Continue Reading →


The past weeks may have been overwhelming for you. Your mind has been constantly fighting several voices & I believe that's why you clicked on this post to read - to know how to fight back. You are in the right place because I know exactly how you feel. Do you remember the clapbacks Jesus... Continue Reading →


Hellurrr everybody lol. I hope that put a smile on your face. Yes, this is another message on a beautiful Sunday titled - what is in your hands?? I’ve received my fair share of reprimand in dealing with this topic. But it’s worth the read😉 It is hard to imagine greatness in yourself especially when... Continue Reading →

Christianity is not a religion.

I just got this short message this Monday morning & it is only fair to share because it may help see things in a different perspective. So enjoy this piece☺️❤️ People often see Christianity as “some bond of commitment” which they cannot relate to probably due to past living or even think that with all... Continue Reading →

Thriving in a place of desolation.

You are not stuck in life even if it feels like it... Have you ever felt desolate? Can you imagine how that felt like? Hopeless right? Severe panic attacks at random times right? I like to write what I personally go through because I’ve come to trust that whatever God takes us through & out... Continue Reading →

Unlocking the secrets to self-control.

Did I just hit some nerves upon reading this title? Lol. Trust me, you would be totally surprised to know the content of this post. Hiii people! This is the last character of the fruits of the Spirit. It has been an interesting journey as all posts have been written from personal experiences. (fake living... Continue Reading →

Where is God in crisis?

Written by Kukua and Dilys💕 “God, where are you?”.“Father, we need you. Can you not see?”“People are dying, God, why aren’t you doing anything about it?!” These and many more I believe are the questions plaguing the minds of many people all over the world. The pandemic, Coronavirus, has caused such a huge disturbance in... Continue Reading →


Thank you for always reading posts here! Sending love from miles away. Okurrr. Let’s get cracking! If you’re new here, this place could be your second home. We’ve been talking about bearing fruits as Christians because really, it’s not just about the gifts God endows us with but our character which reflects him. Hence the... Continue Reading →

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